Colleen Josephson

Principal Investigator

My name is Colleen Josephson, and I research wireless communication and sensing systems, with a focus on how we can leverage sensing for sustainability. I am an Assistant Professor at UC Santa Cruz, and a research scientist at VMware. I also chair the Societal and Economic Needs working group and co-chair the GreenG Working Group within the ATIS NextG Alliance. I received my PhD in Electrical Engineering at Stanford in 2020. My advisors were Sachin Katti and Keith Winstein.

Sonia Naderi

Postdoc Researcher

Sonia is a Postdoc Scholar at the University of California Santa Cruz with a focus on wireless sensor networks. Before joining University of California Santa Cruz, she was graduate research assistant at WiSe-Net lab and she received her Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Maine in September 2022. She was doing an internship during her Ph.D. at Samsung Electronics America, working as a wireless system structure design engineer. Her research interests include theory and development of wireless communication systems, wireless sensor networks, cooperative communications, artificial intelligence and signal processing.

John Madden

Assistant Lab Manager

John 5th year undergraduate at UC Santa Cruz working towards his B.S. in Robotics Engineering. After he plans to continue towards a M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a focus in Robotics, Controls, and Cyber-Physical Systems. He help with administrative tasks, procurement and managing the lab. With his extra time he acts as a jack of all trades, helping his colleges with their research.

Stephen Taylor

Undergraduate Microbial Fuel Cell Researcher

Stephen Taylor is an Junior Specialist at the University of California, Santa Cruz. With a focus on phenomena such as voltage reversal in microbial fuel cells, and designing more robust containers for soil microbial fuel cells. Stephen graduated from UC Santa Cruz in fall 2022 with a degree in Robotics Engineering.

Adam Dunlop


Adam Hess-Dunlop is a senior undergraduate student at Drexel University with a major in math and a minor in computer science. His research focuses on using machine learning to develop technology for addressing climate change.

Josie Dominguez

Undergraduate Researcher

Josie is an undergraduate at UC Santa Cruz working towards a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. With a focus on electrical hardware and PCB design, she is pursuing research in RF and sensor design. She will be participating in embedded systems/electronic integration research at UCSD over the summer for their Engineers 4 Exploration REU.

Eric Vetha

Undergraduate Researcher

Eric is 3rd year undergraduate Robotics Engineering student at UC Santa Cruz. Eric is working on the software of wireless underground backscatter tags and the radar which are used to collect information regarding soil moisture content.

Former Members

Brian Govers

Research Assistant

Brian is a recent UCSC graduate with a degree in Electrical Engineering. Now in his first year of the Electrical and Computer Engineering M.S. program, he hopes to earn a degree with a focus in Robotics, Control, and Cyber-Physical Systems. Brian is working on developing a communication infrastructure to collect and process sensor data from the UCSC farm.


Primary Research Assistant

Revanth Kottur Sivakumar is in the class of 2023 at Amrita University (India). He majors in electrical engineering.